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Wanting to Learn Russian accent?

Speaking with Russian accent is the right way to say funny things and be loved by the opposite sex. Many people agree that any joke sounds x2 funnier when said with Russian accent. Have a look below. See the comments to Ivan’s videos on Youtube? Russian accent made it all possible.

Russian accentBut how do you learn Russian accent? There is a lot pieces of advice about it online but essentially it all comes to one thing… NOT mentioned anywhere but the Russian Accent course made by Ivan from Siberia.

Who is Ivan from Siberia?

Russian Accent is a practical and easy to grasp technique for learning the Russian accent. Ivan is a passionate coach who has already helped many students fulfil their dreams. Ivan speaks 4 (four) languages and understands two more. Russian is his first language, English is third and he knows how to tie them altogether very well! Ivan understands that it can be a tremendous work for English speakers to grasp a new form of speaking and articulating, and because of that has created this truly practical and easy approach to learning the Russian accent. It’s the same technique he uses on set!

You save hundreds with Russian Accent! With Russian Accent you get AUDIO and VIDEO training. This creates a complete package with everything you will need to tackle the Russian accent. So you can save hundreds of dollars on private tuition classes. Let’s hear that again. You could save thousand of dollars on tuition. And if you do spend hundreds of dollars on lessons you might still end up not knowing what you need to do to have a Russian accent when you get that script. So go ahead and Click the Add To Cart button below now to start learning how to speak in a Russian accent at a fantastically low price

$19,95 USD


Russian Accent


Inside of Russian Accent, you’ll discover and learn PROVEN methods that work:

  • Video and audio training taking you to your goal – to speak in a Russian accent!
  • Step by step lesson working each major area of the Russian accent.
  • Being taught by a native Russian speaker who speaks 4 (four!) languages and has years of teaching and coaching experience.
  • A tried and tested practical approach to learning the Russian accent quickly!
  • Audio for Vowel & Consonants Practice.
  • Instant download. Start learning NOW!

Your Download Is 100% Protected

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I’m so confident that Russian Accent will help you to speak with a Russian accent that I’m offering a “No-Questions-Asked” 100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. All I ask you is try out Russian Accent for 30 days and if you don’t start talking with Russian accent in 30 days, then I don’t want your money. Simply contact me at and I’ll happily refund your purchase in full.

This is very convenient

All the secrets of an authentic Russian accent are yours in less then 5 minutes!
You would pay $75.95 + p & h for the hard copy. You get this for an incredibly low price of $19.95.

  • No shipping cost
  • No chance of the training getting lost in the mail or damaged
  • No waiting, you’ll get started on your Russian accent in minutes
  • You get Russian Accent at a cheaper price as the downloadable version costs less to produce

What other say?


I’m a stage actress & playwright in NYC and I’ve contacted Ivan twice in the last 18 months for help with my Russian accent.  He is professional, trustworthy, and cares about his clients.  He replies to my emails as soon as possible, given the time difference between New York & Russia.  In addition, he always sends me a follow-up email to see how my auditions went.  Who does that?….  He’s AMAZING.

When I ordered his video “Russian Accent”, within 3 seconds I received an email confirmation of my purchase from PayPal, and within 6 seconds of my purchase, I received Ivan’s video via email.  AMAZING.  On his video, he gives you the most important basics you need to speak with a Russian Accent.  He not only covers speech, he gives tips on Russian speaking behavior.  He will also make you laugh.  AMAZING.

I would recommend Ivan’s video to any actor who needs to learn a Russian accent immediately for an audition, or a role.
gail young – NYC

I was impressed by his attention to detail…
Hello actors, actresses and lovers of foreign dialects,
My name is Mark Aaron and I am an actor who needed help brushing up on a Russian dialect for a film audition.

I was impressed by Ivan’s attention to detail and I enjoyed his candid and whimsical approach to Russian accent training.

All this for a below market price: how could I lose? Ivan was very responsive to my questions and this helped me greatly as I had a tight deadline. He even recited a few lines in a practical application of his lessons that was of great benefit.

Lastly, the biggest confidence booster I acquired from his lessons was his secret approach that he reveals in the course.

Mark Aaron


  1. Richard says:

    Ivan mozhno tvoj elektroni address?

  2. Я люблю изучать русский язык! Иван вы можете научить меня использовать русский акцент? Пожалуйста, также вы рок! Мне нравятся русские так много!

    • :-) You can purchase the Russian Accent express guide, it should be helpful since I made it for non-Russian speakers who want to learn how to speak in Russian accent. Let me know how it goes!

  3. Шура says:

    Ты настоящий Русский, или ты Американец?

  4. Diana Kochendorfer says:

    Hi, I’m Mexican and I learn to speak English with Russian people! I love it, everybody likes my accent and I like it too! I move to ohio state living for years in Brigthon Beach in Brooklyn NY,so I miss listening people speaking with Russian accent and I think go to YouTube and fing some people speaking with accent, and I’m very happy to listen to you thank you for your videos I will liseng to you very often, by the way I learn to speak some Russian and I love too! God bless you and said hi to your mom.

  5. Lou Keating says:

    I would like to have you send an email to a friend wishing him a happy birthday. His wife is Russian and he showed me your web site saying this is what real Russian sounds like.
    I could pay you a small amount.
    Thank you,

  6. Salone Mehta says:

    Hello Ivan,
    I do need your help for an extract of a play, where I am playing a russian. these are the lines:

    You’ll be allright. See, we’re both outsiders, yeah! It takes a while to fit in. Look, they always laugh at me see. They say, oh Matrushka is from Russia, How you speak your English, it’s funny. You got such big thick bones, you drink too much vodka, you Russian girls steal all our jobs, you are now the Extras in the movies, you are all bad bad bad. I get so disappointed. I come all the way from Ukraine. I come because I love your music. Ajeeb Dasta hai yeh.’ Right? Old old filmi music. But I get disappointed, because I think I act in your movies, and dance to old filmy musik. ‘But I get no role. They say come sit on lap first. Then you get role. I know which roll they talk about. I’m a girl no. Okay I go now. You rest. I go now. I go for big long trek now, up up up mountain. Maybe some fancy director see me, and I am new Bollywood sensation, what?

    I will be so happy if u write back!!!

  7. Hi Ivan
    Sorry this is a bit of an urgent one! I am an actor in the UK and I have an audition tomorrow morning to play a Russian Colonel in 1943! I have the right look ( I look a lot like Lenin!)but I have to read these lines. I would be so grateful if u could read this for me and send an audio file or similar??

    “Comrades we have before us a task of most importance from our Leader himself.
    We are to be a trophy brigade –
    to grope out, searching for novelties of German atomic science –
    and its creators.

    Professors we are Officers from the People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs,
    of the Soyuz Sovetskikh Sotsialisticheskikh Respublik –
    the Soviet Union.
    We have now taken over this Institute.
    As of now you will work for us’


    give me the names of every person working here –


    Here’s hoping you can help
    Many Thanks

  8. Hello,
    I’m looking for you to read a 30 second letter that describes the sale of a 2004 Honda scooter(moped)

    I could provide text..

    What is the US charge for this

  9. Hello. I need to learn two lines for a play I’m doing …in a russian accent. Can you help me please

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