Russian Accent Audiobooks & Video Production

It’s been a dream of mine to record audiobooks speaking with Russian accent.  And not only audiobooks! I would like to record videos for your enjoyment in high quality, not the one that you can see on my recent videos on YouTube. Now is the time to make the dream come true. And I can do […]

Russian Sex Advice #1

I have uploaded a new video to my YT channel called Russian Sex Advice #1 and in this quick post I would like to explain the pan allegory from the video. The video was recorded in a Moscow hostel where I stayed for some time. There is a kitchen with some kitchen supplies, including pans. […]


I dedicate this post to Amy Winehouse and all rebels who seek and can not find. Folks, I love you. In my country people tend to express what they feel directly. That’s why sellers are rude to you – because they have a hard life. Not many people hide their sufferings and struggles behind nice […]

Fiddler On the Roof

Fiddler On the Roof – Constable Lines Read with Russian Accent. Several days ago I got an e-mail from a lady Michelle. She ordered the Russian Accent course and wrote me, saying “…I listened to your “advertisement” video on u-tube and wonder if is possible for your to record the actual lines that he says […]

A Guy Speaking with the Best Thick Russian Accent

It happened in spring 2011. I uploaded my first video on YouTube speaking with thick Russian accent and that was the beginning of my YouTube story. I offered everybody to send me the lines they want me to read with Russian accent and many people responded. People started sending me their lines. I never thought […]