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Russian Accent Video 1

The meaning of life.

It happened in spring 2011. I uploaded my first video on YouTube speaking with thick Russian accent and that was the beginning of my YouTube story. I offered everybody to send me the lines they want me to read with Russian accent and many people responded.

People started sending me their lines. I never thought so many people abroad are actually interested in Russia, Russian language and Russian accent. What do  people need it for? It turned out that many of them need it for drama in school/college/university where they have a role and their character is supposed to speak with Russian accent. To learn how to speak it, people google “russian accent” and  find my video. That’s how I helped one young lady from New York named Gail Young or a young man named Ted Sroka to learn the basics of the accent. Later Gail got a copy of my Russian Accent course and was very excited about it. We Skyped with Ted (remember, Ted, you promised me a pizza when I am in LA?!) and boy his Russian accent was good!

There are also people who love to have fun and thanks to American movies with Russian characters, Russian accent does look like a way to have fun (and it is). I have recorded all kinds of birthday wishes, ringtones for cell phones, etc. Sometimes I wonder, who has more fun, they listening to it or me recording it.

Although I mentioned in the video that I am willing to do it free of charge, some folks are so thankful to me that they ask for my Paypal e-mail address to send me tips. Yes, its a pleasure to receive tips but a bigger pleasure is bringing joy to a person in the little way I can. Watch my first video below ansd subscribe to my Utube channel for more.


  1. Kelsey Warren says:

    My One Act Play this year must be done with a Russian Accent. I was wondering how much you would charge to read my lines in the play for me.
    Thank you,

  2. Christopher Cancel says:

    Hi Ivan my name is Chris from America. I’m doing a story for my thesis in grad school. Well My antagonist is half Belarusian and half Russian. She wants to war with American but my protagonist wants to to bring peace between Russia and America.

    I need your help of turning this sentence into a Russian accent: My antagonist says,

    “The last time I laughed vas when ve destroyed so many villages in the Middle East. Ve made people suffer more ven ve forced them play my favorite game, Russian rouleh. It was during the time ve vanted to build a Russian empire in the Middle East.”

    I don’t know if this is correct. Can you help?

  3. Rachel England says:

    Hi Ivan.

    I plan to move to Russia after University to teach English, and in the meantime I am learning Russian. My accent is terrible- would you be able to help?

    Thank you.

  4. Hey Rachel,

    Wow, you must be an adventureous soul! :) Where in Russia?

    I surely can help you to have a more Russian pronounciation. Have you tried the Russian Accent course yet? It should help a great deal. Those who purchased it sometimes need a more personal approach, so I try to help them via skype a little (free of charge). Go ahead and check it out!

    • Rachel England says:

      The course I’d like to do can either be in Moscow or Saint Petersburg, but I’d rather be in Moscow I think. I can’t wait!
      Brilliant, I’ll check out the course. Skype would also be great if I need extra help.
      If I had specific phrases, would I be able to receive an audio note from you via e-mail?
      Thank you very much :)


  5. Hello!!

    I just got a call for an audition in less than 24 hours! Could you send me a audio clip of you saying these lines in a Russian accent?? I can pay you!

    “Did you do this too? Curiously the death certificate says he died of heart failure.”

    “You’re right. As usual, you are right. Have you seen today’s paper? Fake end user certificates, cut out companies, meticulously catalogued. There is hardly a war lord, dictator, or death spot in the world that you are not on a first name basis with. It was your wife, your trophy wife, that led us to the prize. It’s not her fault. She’s just easier to follow than you are. ”

    “Yeah go ahead”


    “Are you paying attention or are you just delusional? You have broken every arms embargo written. There is enough evidence here to out you away for consecutive life’s. You are going to spend the next ten years of your life going from a cell to a court room before you even start serving your time. I don’t think you fully appreciate the seriousness of your situation, Mr. Orlav.”


    “I would tell you to go to hell, but I think you’re already there. ”

    I need this ASAP!! Thank you! :)

  6. I have some dialogue from a book I’m recording and one character is Russian. Ma I email the dialogue? I need help sounding Russian. Thank you, Betsy

  7. HI Ivan,

    I have a few questions about written dialogue. I am an author and my main character is from Serbia, yet he is hiding from his brother, Vasily in the US. He speaks English as well as you do, so I don’t want to have him speaking broken English as an indicator that he is not from America. Many foreigners here speak perfect English save for a few words they mix up or can’t pronounce. Can I send you about 20 to 35 lines of his dialogue or get your help with words that you yourself forget or have trouble pronouncing?

    P.S. I already used the Contact Us form. :)

    Thanks, Inger.

  8. Hello Ivan I have a monologue in which I have to perform for drama at school and would like for you to please help me with my accent.

    PS.I am in seriuos trouble accent hope you can help thanks:)

  9. Hello Ivan,
    I was wondering if you could do this line for me,
    “А ну, чики-брики и в дамки!” (It’s a popular line from the game series “S.T.A.L.K.E.R.”).

    Sincerely, Emil

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