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Actors and students of Russian language struggle with the Russian R sound.

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I am Ivan, a certified teacher, Youtube vlogger and audio narrator.
I am the go-to person if you want to learn how to speak with Russian accent or take Russian lessons by Skype.
I am an actor who needed help brushing up on a Russian dialect for a film audition. I was impressed by Ivan’s attention to detail and I enjoyed his candid and whimsical approach to Russian accent training. All this for a below market price: how could I lose? Ivan was very responsive to my questions and this helped me greatly as I had a tight deadline. He even recited a few lines in a practical application of his lessons that was of great benefit. Lastly, the biggest confidence booster I acquired from his lessons was his secret approach that he reveals in the course.
Mark Aaron

Actor, USA

I’m a stage actress & playwright in NYC and I’ve contacted Ivan twice in the last 18 months for help with my Russian accent. He is professional, trustworthy, and cares about his clients. He replies to my emails as soon as possible, given the time difference between New York & Russia. In addition, he always sends me a follow-up email to see how my auditions went. Who does that?…. He’s AMAZING. He not only covers speech, he gives tips on Russian speaking behavior. I would recommend Ivan to any actor who needs to learn a Russian accent immediately for an audition, or a role.
Gail Young

Actress & playwright, USA

I’m an adult male actor in Oregon who was cast as an aging Russian ex-pat in the West Coast premier of a serious new play by an Obie winner. And I have no Russian accent. Yikes. So I find this enthusiastic goof-ball Ivan from Siberia on Youtube who I think will give me a few pointers while I search out other teachers. And guess what? Ivan turns out to be a university/conservatory quality diction coach, with the technical knowledge and teaching skills to give me a sound foundation in the Russian accent in a series of Skype audio sessions at very reasonable rates. He shares little personal info, but he generously shares skills and personal encouragement. If you are an English or American speaking actor, and you need an authentic Russian accent in a hurry, you won’t go wrong with Ivan from Siberia.

William Wilson

Dramaturg & actor, USA

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