Russian Accent Audiobooks & Video Production

It’s been a dream of mine to record audiobooks speaking with Russian accent.  And not only audiobooks! I would like to record videos for your enjoyment in high quality, not the one that you can see on my recent videos on YouTube. Now is the time to make the dream come true. And I can do it only with your help, comrade!


Russian language is my native language. I know how rich it is and how many great pieces of literature have been written in Russian. Dostoyevsky, Pushkin and Tolstoy are probably the holy trinity of the Russian literature. And there are more! I want to share the beauty of their genius with you, reading Russian classics (an other too — YOU will decide!) with authentic and genuine Russian accent. It will leave the Russian culture taste in your mouth — the taste once tried you can never forget.


There are hundreds of thousands views on my YouTube channel where I speak with Russian accent. The interest is great around the world! I constantly see comments where people ask for more videos but I feel a little awkward to record videos of poor quality. I want to produce videos in high quality and on a weekly basis. A week after week, a month after month, a year after year. I am going to record videos about Russian language, recipes, dating, jokes :), and more!

Ze equipment

I chose best equipment at a medium price. I want my audiobooks and videos to be of high qulity for your enjoyment and not to have you pay too much. This is what I need

1. For audio recording:

  • Yeti USB Microphone
  • NEEWER Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand
  • Dragonpad pop filter®
  • Foam Windscreen

2. For video recording:

  • GoPro HERO3
  • EEEKit 8-in-1 Accessories Kit for Gopro

Okay Ivan, how much?

All the audio and video equipment costs $520 USD. Adding shipping fees of about $80 USD makes it $600 USD. Now add transaction fees of — 5% and Paypal — 5%. As you can see, to receive $600 USD one shoud raise 600 USD + 10% fees which is $660 USD.
Why does shipping cost so much? Amazon does not ship all the items above outside of the USA and I need to use another company ( who will receive my items in the USA and send them to me over the ocean. They charge the lowest fee on the market which is good.
Also, indiegogo says, “Contributors can contribute from anywhere in the world to campaigns. Indiegogo does not charge any fees, but depending on the currency of the campaign they contribute to, they will bear the exchange rate and any additional exchange charges as determined by their credit card.” 
You will not be charged more than you contribute if you do so in US dollars. Small fees are possible when contributing in other currency.

The perks

I offer some cool perks for the most enthusiastic comrades. Check them out!

The end?

Not really. It’s al just starting and you can be a part of it! Support me now and become a part of the Russian accent marching around the world!

Contribute here >>>

Update: I raised $0 USD, audios and videos are yet to come…
Update 2: I have bought the Yeti mic that I wanted, audiobooks are on the way. 

Russian Sex Advice #1

I have uploaded a new video to my YT channel called Russian Sex Advice #1 and in this quick post I would like to explain the pan allegory from the video.

The video was recorded in a Moscow hostel where I stayed for some time. There is a kitchen with some kitchen supplies, including pans. The pans for common use there are what we call “killed”, meaning, are in a very bad condition. The first pan that I show in the video is scratched to death. It used to have a good solid black bottom and round shape but many people in the hostel used it and it quickly lost it’s beauty and quality. The people who used it treated it not well because they did not pay for it, it did not belong to them. It was for common use.

Seeing this, I decided to buy a pan that only I would use. This is the second pan that I show in the video. I was the only one who used it. I took care of it, cleaned it properly and treated it nicely. It looks perfect.

Now, if you compare the two pans, you can clearly see the difference.

Same with sex.

P.S. Often times girls simply don’t know what men like and make silly mistakes. Girls, read this free report. Download it, read it and share with other girls. You must know the truth!


I dedicate this post to Amy Winehouse and all rebels who seek and can not find.
Folks, I love you.


In my country people tend to express what they feel directly. That’s why sellers are rude to you – because they have a hard life. Not many people hide their sufferings and struggles behind nice smiles. If they smile, they mean it. I feel sorry for Western countries like US where you have to feel good and be nice if you want to be accepted. I feel sorry for Asian countries where you can’t express anger in public. In both cases you learn how to be hypocrites and nothing more.

That’s why I think Western rebels and hooligans are true heroes. They face way more rejection of the society than people in Russia, for example. They are brave souls. And if you are one of them, let me shake your hand. And tell you something.

I was a good boy up until the 8th grade in school. I studied math, participated in scientific math conferences several years in a row and all was good. But then I switched classes and for a year and half studied with new students. There were six guys of us and 12 or 13 girls. Guys had one interesting hobby – to skip classes, go to the local forest , take a glue and a plastic bag and… you know… breath the glue in the plastic bags in and out. I did likewise. It’s not the best thing to do in life but not the worst either. The worst is that which damages your soul, spirit and heart. The glue gave me some experiences, hallucinations and fun but essentially I gained nothing.

I was constantly seeking. Seeking for the true. True relationships, first of all. Among me and the teachers, me and friends. Many try to find this something true in relationships with the opposite sex, drugs, alcohol, money, music, sleeping God knows where… I did not find it anywhere. Anywhere! I was lonely like hell and still am sometimes. But now it’s different. Why?

Because later on I have finally found what I was looking for. I found it that is true, real, filling my heart and all the inside. You heard about it but missed it because what you heard was not true. How funny is that – to hear about the true not true stories and so miss it. Epic fail. I am still in the beginning of the process of realizing it, embracing it, trying to figure it out and live by it, but I can surely say – it is GREAT. It is GRAND.

When you get tired of your attempts to find it, drop me an email, please.

Fiddler On the Roof

Fiddler On the Roof – Constable Lines Read with Russian Accent.

Several days ago I got an e-mail from a lady Michelle. She ordered the Russian Accent course and wrote me, saying “…I listened to your “advertisement” video on u-tube and wonder if is possible for your to record the actual lines that he says as Constable in Fiddler On the Roof.  Here are his lines.  Thank you so much for any help you can give him.”
Yes, it is possible! I recorded an audio reading the lines and she was very happy and thankful :) Then I thought, man, this is the second time when somebody asks me to record an audio of these lines. Why don’t I turn this audio into video and put it on YouTube so other people too can practice their Russian accent?

Here is the video that I uploaded to my Youtube channel. I included the Constable lines in the  video so a person who needs it for a performance can listen and read the lines both at the same time. The lines are as follows:

“Good evening.”
“What’s the celebration?”
“May I offer my congratulations, Tevye.”
“Oh, Tevye, I have a piece of news that I think I should tell you, as a friend.”
“And I’m giving you this news because I like you.  You are a decent, honest person, even though you are a Jewish dog.”
“We have received orders that sometime soon this district is to have a little unofficial demonstration.”
“No — just a little unofficial demonstration.”
“Not too serious — just some mischief, so that if an inspector comes through, he will see that we have done our duty.  Personally, I don’t know why there has to be this trouble between people, but I thought I should tell you and you can tell the others.”
“That’s what I like about you, Tevye.  Always joking.  And congratulations again, for your daughter.

“I see we came at a bad time, Tevye.  I’m sorry, but the orders are for tonight.  For the whole village…”
“Go on, play.  Play…”
“All right, men.”
“All right, enough!  I am genuinely sorry.  You understand.”

“I see you have company.”
“I came here to tell you that you are going to have to leave Anatevka.”
“Not just you, of course, but all of you… At first I thought you might be spared, Tevye, because of your daughter Chava who married…”
“I understand.  At any rate, it affects all of you — you have to leave.”
“I don’t know why.  There’s trouble in the world, troublemakers.”
“You aren’t the only ones.  Your people must leave all the villages — Zolodin, Rabalevka — The whole district must be emptied.  I have an order here, and it says that you must sell your homes and be out of here in three days.”

“I have nothing to do with it, don’t you understand?”
“You will be forced out.”
“Against our army?  I wouldn’t advise it!”
“You have three days!”

A Guy Speaking with the Best Thick Russian Accent

Russian Accent Video 1

The meaning of life.

It happened in spring 2011. I uploaded my first video on YouTube speaking with thick Russian accent and that was the beginning of my YouTube story. I offered everybody to send me the lines they want me to read with Russian accent and many people responded.

People started sending me their lines. I never thought so many people abroad are actually interested in Russia, Russian language and Russian accent. What do  people need it for? It turned out that many of them need it for drama in school/college/university where they have a role and their character is supposed to speak with Russian accent. To learn how to speak it, people google “russian accent” and  find my video. That’s how I helped one young lady from New York named Gail Young or a young man named Ted Sroka to learn the basics of the accent. Later Gail got a copy of my Russian Accent course and was very excited about it. We Skyped with Ted (remember, Ted, you promised me a pizza when I am in LA?!) and boy his Russian accent was good!

There are also people who love to have fun and thanks to American movies with Russian characters, Russian accent does look like a way to have fun (and it is). I have recorded all kinds of birthday wishes, ringtones for cell phones, etc. Sometimes I wonder, who has more fun, they listening to it or me recording it.

Although I mentioned in the video that I am willing to do it free of charge, some folks are so thankful to me that they ask for my Paypal e-mail address to send me tips. Yes, its a pleasure to receive tips but a bigger pleasure is bringing joy to a person in the little way I can. Watch my first video below ansd subscribe to my Utube channel for more.