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Native Russian teacher

I am a strong advocate of learning from native speakers. No matter how good at a language a non-native speaker can be, they can hardly know all the nuances of pronunciation, 50 shadows  of words’ definition and the way natives actually talk in real life.

The most important, only native speakers possess the native speaker’s mindset and world perception, expressed through specific words, phrases and using authentic intonation.

I am a native Russian speaker with years of teaching experience face-to-face. I will gently guide you through all the difficult parts of the Russian language. Fear no more!

Ivan pays attention to small details in pronunciation. He articulates words slowly so you can follow him comfortably. He makes sure you understand the grammar of the Russian language correctly. He gives you many good examples like how you can better build up a sentence so you can prevent cacology. His lessons are perspicuous and memorable.




5 lessons

$19/one lesson
  • 5 Russian lessons by Skype
  • Certified native speaking teacher
  • Free study materials
  • 60 min / lesson

15 lessons

$17/one lesson
  • 15 Russian lessons by Skype
  • Certified native speaking teacher
  • Free study materials
  • 60 min / lesson

Best learning materials

Be aware of schools that develop their own learning materials and do not share them with public. Such materials were not evaluated by independent teachers and can not guarantee high results. I use the best learning materials available on the market. These books and exercises were tested by time, professional teachers and many students across the world. These learning materials are discussed on forums and webinars, and are recommended by the brightest teachers of the Russian language.

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