Russian Accent Audiobooks & Video Production

It’s been a dream of mine to record audiobooks speaking with Russian accent.  And not only audiobooks! I would like to record videos for your enjoyment in high quality, not the one that you can see on my recent videos on YouTube. Now is the time to make the dream come true. And I can do it only with your help, comrade!


Russian language is my native language. I know how rich it is and how many great pieces of literature have been written in Russian. Dostoyevsky, Pushkin and Tolstoy are probably the holy trinity of the Russian literature. And there are more! I want to share the beauty of their genius with you, reading Russian classics (an other too — YOU will decide!) with authentic and genuine Russian accent. It will leave the Russian culture taste in your mouth — the taste once tried you can never forget.


There are hundreds of thousands views on my YouTube channel where I speak with Russian accent. The interest is great around the world! I constantly see comments where people ask for more videos but I feel a little awkward to record videos of poor quality. I want to produce videos in high quality and on a weekly basis. A week after week, a month after month, a year after year. I am going to record videos about Russian language, recipes, dating, jokes :), and more!

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Ze equipment

I chose best equipment at a medium price. I want my audiobooks and videos to be of high qulity for your enjoyment and not to have you pay too much. This is what I need

1. For audio recording:

  • Yeti USB Microphone
  • NEEWER Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand
  • Dragonpad pop filter®
  • Foam Windscreen

2. For video recording:

  • GoPro HERO3
  • EEEKit 8-in-1 Accessories Kit for Gopro

Okay Ivan, how much?

All the audio and video equipment costs $520 USD. Adding shipping fees of about $80 USD makes it $600 USD. Now add transaction fees of — 5% and Paypal — 5%. As you can see, to receive $600 USD one shoud raise 600 USD + 10% fees which is $660 USD.
Why does shipping cost so much? Amazon does not ship all the items above outside of the USA and I need to use another company ( who will receive my items in the USA and send them to me over the ocean. They charge the lowest fee on the market which is good.
Also, indiegogo says, “Contributors can contribute from anywhere in the world to campaigns. Indiegogo does not charge any fees, but depending on the currency of the campaign they contribute to, they will bear the exchange rate and any additional exchange charges as determined by their credit card.” 
You will not be charged more than you contribute if you do so in US dollars. Small fees are possible when contributing in other currency.

The perks

I offer some cool perks for the most enthusiastic comrades. Check them out!

The end?

Not really. It’s al just starting and you can be a part of it! Support me now and become a part of the Russian accent marching around the world!

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Update: I raised $0 USD, audios and videos are yet to come…
Update 2: I have bought the Yeti mic that I wanted, audiobooks are on the way.