Russian Sex Advice #1

I have uploaded a new video to my YT channel called Russian Sex Advice #1 and in this quick post I would like to explain the pan allegory from the video.

The video was recorded in a Moscow hostel where I stayed for some time. There is a kitchen with some kitchen supplies, including pans. The pans for common use there are what we call “killed”, meaning, are in a very bad condition. The first pan that I show in the video is scratched to death. It used to have a good solid black bottom and round shape but many people in the hostel used it and it quickly lost it’s beauty and quality. The people who used it treated it not well because they did not pay for it, it did not belong to them. It was for common use.

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Seeing this, I decided to buy a pan that only I would use. This is the second pan that I show in the video. I was the only one who used it. I took care of it, cleaned it properly and treated it nicely. It looks perfect.

Now, if you compare the two pans, you can clearly see the difference.

Same with sex.

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