A Guy Speaking with the Best Thick Russian Accent

Russian Accent Video 1

The meaning of life.

It happened in spring 2011. I uploaded my first video on YouTube speaking with thick Russian accent and that was the beginning of my YouTube story. I offered everybody to send me the lines they want me to read with Russian accent and many people responded.

People started sending me their lines. I never thought so many people abroad are actually interested in Russia, Russian language and Russian accent. What do  people need it for? It turned out that many of them need it for drama in school/college/university where they have a role and their character is supposed to speak with Russian accent. To learn how to speak it, people google “russian accent” and  find my video. That’s how I helped one young lady from New York named Gail Young or a young man named Ted Sroka to learn the basics of the accent. Later Gail got a copy of my Russian Accent course and was very excited about it. We Skyped with Ted (remember, Ted, you promised me a pizza when I am in LA?!) and boy his Russian accent was good!

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There are also people who love to have fun and thanks to American movies with Russian characters, Russian accent does look like a way to have fun (and it is). I have recorded all kinds of birthday wishes, ringtones for cell phones, etc. Sometimes I wonder, who has more fun, they listening to it or me recording it.

Although I mentioned in the video that I am willing to do it free of charge, some folks are so thankful to me that they ask for my Paypal e-mail address to send me tips. Yes, its a pleasure to receive tips but a bigger pleasure is bringing joy to a person in the little way I can. Watch my first video below ansd subscribe to my Utube channel for more.